I'm gathering posts...

Hey folks. Thanks for dropping by (whomever is actually here, anyway!) I've been very busy with other things and haven't had much time to get this site rolling along better. I'm bummed about that, because every week I put off finishing this site up and posting, there are a bunch more solutions that I want to put up here! It's getting crazy.

However, I'm really starting to get motivated to get the site rolled out more properly. For now, I've posted what will end up being the first article (even though it's formatted pretty poorly, and doesn't look too fancy.) I still have much work to do on the site theme and on making posts look better in general... oh well. The content is king, eh?? :P

So, check out Native sh404SEF (for Joomla!) extension for PU Arcade component SEF with scores! to see the kind of info I'm looking forward to recording at ThisWorked.com!

Again.. thanks for visiting. :)